He took his time getting up to speed, but ROY frontrunner Billy Hamilton has left the minor leagues behind. Way behind.

Graduation Day, Part 2

Dozens of NL Rookies are Prospects-No-More

Clear the decks, it's time for a new crew. With every MLB team calling up rookies at a record pace, the number of prospects who are already full-time vets is growing every day. And it's a good thing, too, because there are hundreds and hundreds of new prospects coming into the system at the same time. Yesterday, we said farewell-and-welcome to the AL players who were leaving prospect-hood for MLB life. Now here's a look at some of the National Leaguers who won't be on our Prospect Lists any longer, thanks to their newly-won Big League experience.

Billy Hamilton seems to be running away with the NL Rookie of the Year race, which shouldn't be much of a surprise to Scouting Book readers. Slow start to the season or not, the fastest man in baseball simply had to break out sooner or later.

Until Hamilton took off, Diamondback shortstop Chris Owings was looking like the National League's best rookie. Until being sidelined buy a shoulder injury, Owings' .277/.313/.458 line made him the second-ranked shortstop in the NL, behind only Troy Tulowitzki.

Other rookies who have shown signs of being significant offensive forces in MLB already include Pittsburgh's Gregory Polanco, St. Louis's Oscar Taveras, the Mets' Wilmer Flores, the Cubs' Mike Olt, the Braves' Tommy La Stella, and ex-Yankee/current-Padre Yangervis Solarte, who has had to replace both Alex Rodriguez and Chase Headley already this season.

The onslaught of Cubs' rookies, in particular, will continue for the next year or two, as well, with current-and-recent top ten prospects like Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, Addison Russell, Kyle Schwarber, and Javier Baez all expected to debut in the next ten to twelve months. Baez, who makes his MLB debut today, should be the first to exhaust his rookie eligibility, of course.

Other everyday prospects around the NL have had so-so debuts, but look to have brighter days ahead. Abraham Almonte was called up and leaned upon heavily by the Mariners before being traded to San Diego, where his chances look a bit better in the future. Likewise infielder Kolten Wong, who looks a lot better after a trip back to the minors.

On the pitching side of things, Met rookie Jake deGrom has been the most pleasant surprise of the season so far, with others like Cardinal Carlos Martinez, Rockie Tyler Matzek and Brave David Hale also putting in quality work.

Other recent prospects who've now graduated into veteran-hood for 2015: Chase Anderson, Brian Schlitter, Chad Bettis, Chris Withrow, Chris Hatcher, Robert Wooten, Travis d'Arnaud, Jeurys Familia, Cesar Hernandez, Joe Savery, Tony Sanchez, Jesse Hahn, Brad Boxberger, and Kevin Siegrist.

All those prospects, of course, are now ineligible for our Prospect Rankings, and their talents will no longer be weighed in our overall Farm System calculations, which means both of those listings (which recalculate daily) are looking very different than then did just a few days ago.

Yesterday: AL Graduates

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