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The Matrix, Reloaded

Keith Law, Jon Mayo, John Sickels and Others, Combined into One Superman

It's that time of year again. Professors, Prognosticators and just plain Prospectors are all starting to publish their own Top 100-type Lists, each purporting to be best, most accurate review of baseball's next best things.   Complete Article

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The Prospect Age

Baseball's New Era Began in Glory

While the 2015 baseball season is bound to be remembered as the Year of the Rookie, it was probably a lot more than a one-time event. Instead, last season will probably be remembered as the year that rookies, and young players in general, really took over Major League Baseball. It should stay this way for many, many years to come.   Complete Article

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Not Rebuilding. Retooling.

ScoutingBook.com Gearing Up for 2016

As our faithful readers know, we hobbled through much of 2015 while dealing with a number of back-end issues with our hosting and network providers, leading to some painful downtimes and more than a few data mishmashes as our CDN servers got out of synch. It didn't help our US readers much to know that our European readers were up-to-date when they weren't, either.   Complete Article

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2015 Weather Outlook: Havana Summer

Massive Prospect Overhaul Features Very Cuban Flavor

It's time for the ice to thaw on our long winter break, which means all your favorite Scouting Book tools and info resources are about to see major updates and overhauls.   Complete Article

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Graduation Day, Part 2

Dozens of NL Rookies are Prospects-No-More

Clear the decks, it's time for a new crew. With every MLB team calling up rookies at a record pace, the number of prospects who are already full-time vets is growing every day. And it's a good thing, too, because there are hundreds and hundreds of new prospects coming into the system at the same time. Yesterday, we said farewell-and-welcome to the AL players who were leaving prospect-hood for MLB life. Now here's a look at some of the National Leaguers who won't be on our Prospect Lists any longer, thanks to their newly-won Big League experience.   Complete Article

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Graduation Day, Part 1

As Youngsters Enter MLB, Prospect Rankings Reshuffle

Every summer, the slow-paced routine of the baseball season undergoes a number of upheavals. The First Year Player Draft, the International Signing Period, the All-Star Game and its itinerant Futures Game... all of these events have a big impact on the world of baseball prospecting. Add a thousand odd new prospects from the draft and IFA signings, subtract the hundred-plus rookies who have already made their MLB debuts by this point every season, and you have a certifiable sea change in the prospect world each and every summer. Here's a rundown on who's moving on to make room for the next wave.   Complete Article

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Early Promise, Early Delivery?

NL Rookies Poised to Make an Impact Right Away

On the weekend, we took a look at those lucky rookies who broke Spring Training already a part of their AL club's Opening Day roster. Today we look at the NL's early bloomers, some of whom are already contributing in a big way.   Complete Article

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Camp-Breaking Rookies Earn MLB Spots

Hey Kid, You're Up!

Lost among all the Opening Day hubbub, a number of promising MLB rookies have been given their first real chances to shine in the Show this week. As the month of April lengthens, these prospects will need to embrace their opportunities, or risk being relegated to the minors in baseball's ultimate walk of shame.   Complete Article

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Spring Updates (Finally) Begin

2014 Prospects, Other Data Now Updating

Our new servers are (finally) online and a whole tractor trailer full of bats, balls and updates is on the way. Stay tuned for the biggest and brawniest ScoutingBook.com ever.   Complete Article

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Winter 2014 Construction Underway

New Data, Tools and Toys Coming Soon

With the World Series finished and post-season errata tied up, we've begun our annual large-scale overhauls and updates here at ScoutingBook.com.   Complete Article

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International Influx Runs Deep [Updated]

Deep on the Farm, IFAs Can Remake Futures

July is an active month in Major League Baseball, especially if you're a general manager or anyone else deeply interested in a team's roster makeup and competitive future.    Complete Article

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MLB Draft Second Round Results

The Coin Tosses Continue

Historically, second-round Draft selections have a near 50-50 chance of leading productive careers in Major League Baseball, with college players more likely to succeed. That doesn't mean high-schoolers are worthless, of course. Billy Hamilton (2009) is one of the top prospects in baseball today, after all, and super-slugger Mike Stanton back was plucked from Notre Dame High School back in 2007.   Complete Article

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MLB Draft First Round Results

Where All The Top Prospects Landed

The 2013 First Year Player Draft (as it's officially called) provided few first-round surprises, with most of the top 10 falling pretty much as-expected.   Complete Article

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Draft Alert: Top High School Prospects

Another Sampling of This Year's New Talent Pool

The 2013 First Year Player Draft begins tomorrow, June 6th. Since we've already covered college prospects, today we'll provide a quick introduction to the year's most interesting high school candidates. In the draft's first day, baseball's weakest franchises will be especially interested in high-school players.   Complete Article

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Draft Alert: Top College Prospects

A Sampling of Next Week's Talent Pool

With MLB's First Year Player Draft just around the corner, it's time to open our vault a little to share some of what we know about the best up-and-coming college players, those most likely to be selected by MLB teams next week. Many baseball brains believe that college players are safer picks than high-school talents, and the numbers show the classic Moneyball wisdom of that belief: almost seventy-five percent of college players chosen in the first fifty picks end up in MLB, while only about forty-five percent of high schoolers chosen that high ever reach the Show.   Complete Article

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A Closer Look at Closers

Closer Watch 2.0 is Now Live

No matter whether you're a fantasy player or just a hardcore baseball fan, relief pitching is probably one of your biggest frustrations. Relievers are notoriously flaky, and their grip on the job is usually a weak one: some teams will replace their setup men and closers not just once, but many times per season. Meanwhile, fans and fantasy players lose hair over each blown save or meltdown, and hope that some new pitcher in the minor leagues will be their team's late-inning salvation... someday.   Complete Article

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Where Have You Gone, Bryce DiMaggio?

Closing the Book on 2012, and a Few Thoughts on the Year Ahead

Forget December. The end of the world for baseball fans happens at the end of October, when everything is settled but a few shiny trophies, and at least 93 percent of fans are officially waiting for that mythical Next Year.   Complete Article

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Deadline Debrief 2012: Which Farm Improved Most?

Beneath Late-Season Pennant Moves, Foundations Shift

If you're like most baseball fans this week, you're still a bit staggered by all the trades pulled off before yesterday's deadline, especially the ones that rebalanced (?) the National League West. But there's another side to all the wheeling and dealing: the future impact.
   Complete Article

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More AL Draft Winners, 2012 Edition

American League Teams Also Rake in Talent

The big winners in last month's draft are familiar names: ballclubs who seem to excel at drafting young talent. For some, that's because they have a special aptitude for farming. For others, it's more about a predilection for finishing in the bottom of the standings, and therefore being in permanent rebuilding mode.    Complete Article

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More NL Draft Winners, 2012 Edition

Three Senior Circuit Clubs Trump Field

Now that most of the dust has settled and most of the top picks have signed with their new owners, we're still looking back and combing over the details of each MLB club's draft selections, especially with regard to how their restocking choices impact their overall farm systems.   Complete Article

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2012 Draft: Round 2 Overview

Scouting Reports for Round 2 Picks Now Online

Players drafted in the first round of MLB's annual amateur draft are generally expected to perform at the major league level someday, and most of them eventually do just that. Because of those odds, the simple fact of being a first rounder virtually ensures a player of having top-flight prospect status for at least a year or two to come, time enough for that prospect to prove he's worth the consideration. It's almost the same for players taken in the 1A Supplemental Round: these players are generally expected to perform and justify their big signing bonuses. But once the second round rolls around, things are no longer quite that cut and dried.    Complete Article

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2012 Draft: Supplemental Round 1A Overview

Scouting Reports for All 1A Picks Now Online

Baseball's Supplemental Draft rounds are designed to 'compensate' teams who lose valuable players to free agency. While the definition of 'valuable' is somewhat slippery, there's no doubt that the St Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers benefitted from this setup in 2012. While it's unlikely the players selected will really ever offset the loss of Albert Pujols or CJ Wilson, it does provide a little bit of balancing.    Complete Article

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2012 Draft Fuels Rebuilding Ballclubs

Big Winners at the Draft? Maybe.

The 2012 MLB Amateur Draft has now come and gone, and with the dust settled, it's an excellent time to start thinking about how the Draft has impacted some of the weaker farm systems in baseball. Did they improve enough to contend, or are they still a few drafts away from viability? Here's a look at the draft moves of the more interesting teams to watch as they rebuild, retool, or otherwise attempt to bootstrap themselves into contention.   Complete Article

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2012 Draft: Round One Overview

Scouting Reports for All Top Picks Now Online

As you've probable noticed, many of the players drafted in the recent 2012 First-Year Player Draft have filtered their way into our Scouting Book combined prospect reports.    Complete Article

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Phenoms Debut to Mixed Results

Harper Has Better Night, But Both Here to Stay

[Updated] The two biggest hitting prospects in baseball joined their MLB clubs on Saturday, making for a surprise historic day in baseball, and at least one of them is already living up to the hype.   Complete Article

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Baseball America Publishes Top 100

The Granddaddy of Prospectors Holds Forth. We Observe.

Baseball America, the granddaddy of all baseball publications, released their unified (combined) list of Top 100 Prospects in baseball yesterday. Unlike their much deeper paper book, the quick list contains very few surprises, but we'll do our best to pick and pull at it, anyway. It's what we do.
   Complete Article

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Big in Japan. Bigger in Texas.

Darvish Finally Signs With Rangers

Kimochi ii. After a dramatic month of talks that went down to the wire, the Texas Rangers have finally secured the services of Japanese/Iranian phenom Yu Darvish. The Rangers, of course, outbid the rest of baseball back in December for the rights to even negotiate with Darvish in the first place.   Complete Article

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Praise Jesus: How Montero Can Save Seattle

(And How They Could Afford Him)

Sometimes a baseball trade just makes so much sense, you wonder why you're surprised at all when it's announced. That's exactly the case in last night's huge prospect swap between New York and Seattle.   Complete Article

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Whoa! Stats Kung-Fu Comes to Scouting Book

Now Online: Expanded Scouting Reports With Stats and Highlights

We told you new things were coming. Today, we're rolling out our new expanded prospect reports, with more details on each player and more complete reports on their likely futures. We're also showing their minor and international league pitching, fielding and batting statistics wherever possible, complete with remarkable highlights and worrisome trends helpfully flagged for your convenience.   Complete Article

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Wait Until This Year!

2012 Data Now Online, Lots of New Features On the Way

Happy 2012, baseball fans. That next year you've been waiting for is finally here. In honor of the shiny new calendar, we've resynched our offline database with the website so you can enjoy, laugh at, or otherwise experience our updated prospect information with your morning coffee.    Complete Article

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Winter Overhaul Underway

Stay Tuned for New Year Surprises!

We've (finally) started our 2012 overhaul, so get ready to follow the Miami Marlins and the rest of a new-look MLB here at Scouting Book, starting soon.    Complete Article

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Say Goodbye to 2009

Prospect Cleanup Underway

We're overhauling our prospects database for 2010, so it's time to say goodbye to the rookies of 2009 and make room for next year's crop.   Complete Article

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September is for Next Year, Pt II

September Callups, Part 2

Continuing last week's theme, this week we look at five of the most-anticipated callups in the National League, focusing especially on a group of young up-and-coming catchers and quasi-catchers.   Complete Article

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September is for Next Year

September Callups, Part 1

Every September, MLB rosters expand from a restrictive twenty-five players to a robust forty. It's a time when contenders use the extra flexibility to rest their veterans and prepare for a playoff push. But for most teams, it's a chance to take a look at some of their top prospects, to get an idea whether they'll be ready for big-league action next spring.   Complete Article

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Strasburg Signs!

Super-Prospect, Other Top Picks Sign Deadline Deals

Stephen Strasburg has finally signed a deal with the Washington Nationals for almost $16M, a new record for amateur draftees. The deal includes a $7.5M signing bonus and $7.6M over four years, as well as incentives. The deal was announced shortly after midnight.   Complete Article

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A Not-So-Dirty Dozen Light Up the Draft Board

A First Look at the Top Twelve

Guess what? The Nationals selected some guy named Strasburg. The first round of the MLB draft brought few surprises, other than the Pirates following through on their way-reaching interest for catcher Tony Sanchez. Here's a quick roundup of the dozen who followed St. Stephen.   Complete Article

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Arms Dominate Draft Choices

Strasburg and Others Will Go Early

It's been a few years since there's been as clear a #1 pick as this year's Stephen Strasburg, the 100mph wunderkind who everyone's grandmother knows is destined for Washington in the upcoming Amateur Draft. But there's no real consensus on who the rest of the best prospects are.   Complete Article

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Nick Adenhart, 1986-2009

Angels Rookie Killed in Late-Night Hit-and-Run

Angels rookie Nick Adenhart was killed by a hit-and-run driver last night, immediately following the his season debut, in which he threw six shutout innings against the Athletics.   Complete Article

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Fantasy Draft Help is Here

Ranking the Non-Prospects for 2009

More than a few readers have asked us for our advice on grown-up MLB player rankings, presumably to help them with their fantasy drafts. So here's a quick cheat sheet to the ScoutingBook combined rankings for each position.   Complete Article

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BA Top 100 Prospects Released

Old School List Falls In Line

Baseball America, the Gray Lady of prospect publishing, recently shipped their 2009 Prospect Handbook, and today opened up a little more by allowing mere mortals inside their paywalled website -- or at least its foyer -- to view their selections for Baseball's Top 2009 Prospects. The BA list closely mirrors other lists already in the wild, with a few notable exexceptions.   Complete Article

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