2012 Draft: Round 2 Overview

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The stockpile of young talent in Seattle's system got even deeper when the Mariners secured the bat of infielder Joe DeCarlo in Round 2.

Players drafted in the first round of MLB's annual amateur draft are generally expected to perform at the major league level someday, and most of them eventually do just that. Because of those odds, the simple fact of being a first rounder virtually ensures a player of having top-flight prospect status for at least a year or two to come, time enough for that prospect to prove he's worth the consideration. It's almost the same for players taken in the 1A Supplemental Round: these players are generally expected to perform and justify their big signing bonuses. But once the second round rolls around, things are no longer quite that cut and dried.

While they won't always be stars, most first rounders and supplemental first rounders (about 65 percent) do reach the major leagues sooner or later. But slightly less than half of second rounders (about 45%) will ever set foot on an MLB field, and the success rate drops off precariously after that, down to only one in five (20 percent) by the fifth round. For this reason, any player drafted in round three or later is more gamble than guarantee. A player drafted later than that is unlikely to ever reach MLB, or perhaps only play in only a handful of games as bench help. While there are always a few glaring exceptions like seventh round pick Matt Holliday, once you're past round three, you will notice teams taking bigger and bigger gambles, since they're in 'unlikely' territory anyway, and one can only fill up the minor leagues with so much chaff.
So while you'll find dang-near every Round 1 and Round 1A player from 2012 easily on Scouting Book (see our Round 1 Recap and Round 1A Recap for help), and most of them will show up in the top 500 before next spring, you'll only find detailed info for some of players drafted later than that. The majority of later-round selections will be dwelling somewhere in Scouting Book purgatory, on our radar and tracked in our offline systems, but not online for public consumption, until and unless they start showing enough promise to be considered among their teams' top prospects overall.

With that in mind, here's a handy guide to some of the Second Round selections from June's draft, those who are already generating enough buzz to crack the top rankings. Players will continue to bubble up and drop off the list every day, as our robots rescore and rerank players each day during the season.

2-61 HOU Nolan Fontana, SS

2-62 OAK Bruce Maxwell, C

2-63 MIN Mason Melotakis, LHP

2-64 SEA Joe DeCarlo, SS

2-65 BAL Branden Kline, RHP

2-66 KC Sam Selman, LHP

2-67 CHC Duane Underwood, RHP

2-68 SD Jeremy Baltz, OF

2-69 PIT Wyatt Mathisen, C

2-70 SD Dane Phillips, C

2-71 NYM Matt Reynolds, 3B

2-72 MIN JT Chargois, RHP

2-73 COL Max White, OF

2-74 OAK Nolan Sanburn, RHP

2-75 NYM Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP

2-76 CHW Chris Beck, RHP

2-77 PHI Dylan Cozens, OF

2-78 CIN Tanner Rahier, SS

2-79 CLE Mitch Brown, RHP

2-80 WAS Tony Renda, 2B

2-81 TOR Chase DeJong, RHP

2-82 LAD Steven Rodriguez, LHP

2-83 TEX Jamie Jarmon, OF

2-84 SF Martin Agosta, RHP

2-85 ATL Alex Wood, LHP

2-86 STL Carson Kelly, 3B

2-87 BOS Jamie Callahan, RHP

2-88 TB Spencer Edwards, SS

2-89 NYY Austin Aune, OF

2-90 ARZ Jose Munoz, SS

2-91 DET Jake Thompson, RHP

2-92 MLW Tyrone Taylor, OF

2-93 TEX Nick Williams, OF

2-94 NYY Peter O'Brien, C

2-95 PHI Alec Rash, RHP

If you're looking for info on a 2012 Draftee not listed here, stay tuned: as players report to their clubs and management and coaches get a look at them, we'll have new streams of data that will move some prospects up into public view, and others down into the nether regions of Scouting Book Mountain's data pool.

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