2012 Draft: Supplemental Round 1A Overview

Scouting Reports for All 1A Picks Now Online

Milwaukee outfielder Mitch Haniger is already looking like a future star, at least from our seats.

Baseball's Supplemental Draft rounds are designed to 'compensate' teams who lose valuable players to free agency. While the definition of 'valuable' is somewhat slippery, there's no doubt that the St Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers benefitted from this setup in 2012. While it's unlikely the players selected will really ever offset the loss of Albert Pujols or CJ Wilson, it does provide a little bit of balancing.

Since the vast majority of early-round draft picks were already in our tracking databases, we've rounded out their biographical data and updated their scouting reports to reflect their draft selections. In the spirit of last week's First Round Recap, here's a quick list of every player drafted in the 2012 Draft's First Supplemental Round, a.k.a Compensation Round, a.k.a. Round 1A.

1A-32 MIN Jose Berrios, RHP

1A-33 SD Zach Eflin, RHP

1A-34 OAK Daniel Robertson, SS

1A-35 NYM Kevin Plawecki, C

1A-36 STL Stephen Piscotty, 3B

1A-37 BOS Pat Light, RHP

1A-38 MLW Mitch Haniger, OF

1A-39 TEX Joey Gallo, 3B

1A-40 PHI Shane Watson, RHP

1A-41 HOU Lance McCullers, RHP

1A-42 MIN Luke Bard, RHP

1A-43 CHC Pierce Johnson, RHP

1A-44 SD Travis Jankowski, OF

1A-45 PIT Barrett Barnes, OF

1A-46 COL Eddie Butler, RHP

1A-47 OAK Matt Olson, 1B

1A-48 CHW Keon Barnum, 1B

1A-49 CIN Jesse Winker, OF

1A-50 TOR Matt Smoral, LHP

1A-51 LAD Jesmuel Valentin, SS

1A-52 STL Patrick Wisdom, 3B

1A-53 TEX Collin Wiles, RHP

1A-54 PHI Mitch Gueller, RHP

1A-55 SD Walker Weickel, RHP

1A-56 CHC Paul Blackburn, RHP

1A-57 CIN Jeff Gelalich, OF

1A-58 TOR Mitch Nay, 3B

1A-59 STL Steve Bean, C

1A-60 TOR Tyler Gonzales, RHP

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