BA Top 100 Prospects Released

Old School List Falls In Line

BA gives little love to Tiger's pitcher Rick Porcello, ranking him lower than any other major prospect list. Maybe they know something the rest of us don't?

Baseball America, the Gray Lady of prospect publishing, recently shipped their 2009 Prospect Handbook, and today opened up a little more by allowing mere mortals inside their paywalled website -- or at least its foyer -- to view their selections for Baseball's Top 2009 Prospects. The BA list closely mirrors other lists already in the wild, with a few notable exexceptions.

Baseball America is the old master at this sort of thing, so it can be read as something of an endorsement of the younger pups that their prospect list so closely matches everyone else's, even though all the others came out first. The BA list includes all the usual suspects in the top 10, starting with Weiters and Price, and touching on everyone's favorites Maybin, Rasmus and Heyward.

A few differences pop, though. BA loves Braves prospect Tommy Hanson perhaps due to the depleted state of the Atlanta rotation at the time they did their print research, or the ridiculous run Hanson had at the end of last season. These days Hanson is stuck a bit deeper in the system, though he should still get a test later this year.

BA is less a fan of Tiger Rick Porcello than most, slotting him way down at 21, the lowest ranking we've yet seen. It might be a testimony to the Tigers' habit of wrecking young pitchers, or it might just be a reflection of the increased attention they chose to shower on other arms like Oakland's Brett Anderson, who they've ranked higher than anyone else this year.

The entire BA list is available (for free, thank god) at this link:

BA's Top 100 Prospects.

BA's rankings are one of the factors that go into our Scouting Book Combine rankings, so you'll see a ew players move up or down a few notches over the next 24 hours in our system. Since these BA rankings so closely mirror the consensus to date, though, changes will be subtle.

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