Not Rebuilding. Retooling. Gearing Up for 2016

With a Lot of Back-End Upgrades, We're Back and Better Than Ever

As our faithful readers know, we hobbled through much of 2015 while dealing with a number of back-end issues with our hosting and network providers, leading to some painful downtimes and more than a few data mishmashes as our CDN servers got out of synch. It didn't help our US readers much to know that our European readers were up-to-date when they weren't, either.

We hope we've fixed all that for 2016, by moving to a new back-end platform and adding a new redundant 'hot-backup' system to the mix, so that even if we lose an entire server again, we'll have a fresh duplicate ready to put online very quickly.

Our updated prospect rankings and reports will all be online in the next couple of weeks, with the rest of our toolbox to follow. Once the bugs are worked out of all our new gear, we'll start bringing some of our new tools online, hopefully just in time for Opening Day.

Happy New Year, everyone, and let's have a great year!

[Update: Yes, folks, I know many of the blog postings and front-page news stories from the last few months are missing. That's one of the residual problems. We're working on it!)

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