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To address the overwhelming demand for an RSS feed of our postings, we've added a live feed to (Okay, full disclosure: only one reader asked for it, but he asked overwhelmingly.)

Our RSS feed contains most of the changing information on our site. From the news feed, you'll be alerted to new blog postings (like this one), recent notes added to our Closer Watch page, and receive a daily update on which prospects have moved up our prospect rankings... and which have moved down.

To subscribe to our RSS feed, click the tiny orange RSS icon at the bottom of our home page, or use the following link:

Scouting Book Updates (RSS)

The feed is updated several times each day, and there should be at least one new item per day. Depending on what's happening in the real world and how many players shifted around in the overnight recalculation, there could be as many as five or six updates per day.

We're still working out the kinks with the RSS software, especially around the date and time-stamping. We're posting from four different time zones and our server is in a fifth, so there are some odd issues to sort out. While we're tweaking this, please forgive us if you receive duplicate posts or updates with strange or incorrect timestamps during the next few weeks.

Remember, an idea from even a single reader can change things, so if you have other feedback or suggestions on making more fun or useful, just let us know. If we agree it's a good idea, we'll get right on it.

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