The Matrix, Reloaded

Keith Law, Jon Mayo, John Sickels and Others, Combined into One Superman

Our fully-reloaded Matrix has everything you want... except Monica Bellucci.

It's that time of year again. Professors, Prognosticators and just plain Prospectors are all starting to publish their own Top 100-type Lists, each purporting to be best, most accurate review of baseball's next best things.

While every publisher's list has its own fans and detractors, we at Scouting Book try to neatly sidestep the whole issue of 'best' in favor of just processing the entire batch. Our Top Prospect Rankings, which are often updated many times per day, are never final and never 'published'. Instead, they're calculated and recalculated and rerecalculated based on several dozen inputs.

(For more on how our system works, please read this blog posting. Then come back here and read the rest of this article. Then send us some pizza. Thanks.)

Some of the bigger automatic influences our rankings come from some of the biggest and most-respected baseball writers and researchers out there. In the last week or so, two of the biggest and most-respected names in baseball writing published their own opinions on the best prospects in the game: ESPN's Keith Law and's Jonathan Mayo.

Thanks to our complex scoring formula, each of those lists has its own different impact on our composite rankings. These impacts will keep our rankings bouncing during the next few days, until they're all thrown for another loop by the next big input. Things are always exciting here at Scouting Book Mountain.

We may have some thoughtful insights on some of the decisions made by Law and Mayo in the weeks to come: each list looks to be made up of what some readers may see as no-brainers, while others see the same picks as real head-scratchers.

In the mean time, note that each set of data has already been integrated into our very handy Prospect Matrix, which shows you these rankings, and others of interest or impact, right alongside the composite rankings that are calculated out of them. Note, too, that not all publications impact rankings, no list impacts the composite in exactly the same way as another (You did read the blog post above, right?), and a whole lot of tougher-to-summarize info also goes into each prospect 'score'.

View Our Prospect Matrix for 2016

If you're okay with all those caveats, enjoy the Matrix, and stay tuned as it shifts and changes with the prevailing rankings of other publications, not to mention real world trades, injuries and other events, in the weeks to come.

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