Where Have You Gone, Bryce DiMaggio?

Closing the Book on 2012, and a Few Thoughts on the Year Ahead

Bryce Who? Mike What? 2012's Phenoms Exit, Stage Right, as a New Crop Arrives

Forget December. The end of the world for baseball fans happens at the end of October, when everything is settled but a few shiny trophies, and at least 93 percent of fans are officially waiting for that mythical Next Year.

To keep you warm during the winter months ahead, you can look to Scouting Book to give you hope, as well as to inspire occasional rage, as we look ahead at what 2013 could mean to each and every Major League Franchise.

Until then, as our eagle-eyed readers have already noticed, we've graduated all of the Top Prospects from 2012, those won't be eligible as rookies next year, from our composite ranking charts and profile pages. So if you're looking for last year's superrookies, like Bryce Harper, Mike Trout or Yu Darvish, you'll need to dig deep into our cellar to find much info. In the Prospect Universe, they're now officially yesterday's news.

While rankings will change wildly in the coming months, and especially as next spring breaks, you can already get a very preliminary look at the 2013 prospect pool here on Scouting Book, and it's a field dominated by a certain young Texas shortstop and a whole lot of right handed flamethrowers. Whoever said there was no such thing as a pitching prospect obviously didn't look at this particular bunch of young guns.

We have already updated every prospect's final stats for 2012, complete with highlights and lowlights for your review, and will be updating every prospect's long-form biography over the next couple of months, to let you know about some of the more interesting soft information about each prospect and his chances, the sorts of thing that sometimes can't be found in numbers alone.

Also new today: to give you another bit of info on how close prospects are to the majors (and to their Scouting Book graduation day), we've exposed a little more data on each player's page: by clicking the 'EXPERIENCE' tab on any player's page, you can now see his total professional experience (both minor and major league), and this applies to every pitcher and hitter in our database.

This might help you get your head around how close or at least well-developed each prospect is: while there are always exceptions, most young players seem to need about 1000 at-bats or innings pitched in pro ball before they really find their floor. We'll keep this info up to date during 2013 so our readers are better informed.

As always, we'll continue to roll out new technical features both big and small during the winter months, so please forgive any strange errors or missing/old/strange-looking info for the next little while. We have a lot of boring technical underpinnings to get in place during the off-season, so that we're all ready to dive into reams and reams of data and scouting this spring. We have some nifty new features and tools planned for 2013, too, so watch this space for announcements.

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