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Graduated Prospect Info

Jorge Soler / OF, CHC
Born 11/19/1992
Havana, Cuba

Height 6-3
Weight 180
Bats/Throws R/R
2118 | 1/1/2015

79 290 65 123 455

Total professional at-bats: .

Jorge Soler is no longer tracked as an eligible prospect in Scouting Book.

Final rookie-eligible season: 2015.


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News and Notes

8/29/2014 by KDaddy

Jorge Soler, now officially out-debuting fellow callup Javier Baez, homered twice tonight in St Louis. After three games, Soler is now 7-for-11 with one double, one walk, three home runs and six RBIs. That's a 1.272 slugging percentage and a 2.000 OPS.

8/27/2014 by KDaddy

Say what you will about Chicago's baby Cubbies, they sure have a flair for the dramatic. Jorge Soler, called up earlier today, homered in his very first MLB at-bat. It wasn't a cheap one, either: Soler muscled a high fastabll from Reds ace Mat Latos 423 feet to dead center.

8/26/2014 by BallGirl

Jorge Soler has been called up to MLB and will start for the Cubs tomorrow on the road in Cincinnati. He's as raw as raw can be, but his ceiling is sky-high.

7/23/2014 by DataBoy

After 22 games with Tennessee, Cub prospect Jorge Soler appears to be quite finished with the Southern League, thanks very much. The slugger, who the Cubs rebooted with a trip to Rookie ball back in March, has destroyed AA pitching even more easily, slashing .415/.494/.862 with six home runs in only 65 at-bats. Time for Iowa.

6/13/2012 by KDaddy

And finally, just as expected, Jorge Soler has signed with the Chicago Cubs. What wasn't expected is the 9-year (NINE year) deal, nor the $30M. If he develops as expected over the next couple of years, he could be a huge bargain for the Cubs, who'd be paying an average of only $4M/yr for a starting fielder with great tools.

2/16/2012 by KDaddy

Now this is just getting silly. Today's loudest buzz has not the Yankees, Marlins, Cubs or even Blue Jays going hard after Jorge Soler, but a new force: the (admittedly aging and needful) Philadelphia Phillies. By the time he signs with someone, Soler will have been linked with every team in baseball. Ah, to be young and Cuban and a free agent. Salad days.

2/15/2012 by BallGirl

Well, if the Cubs really do have a Top Sekrit deal in place for Jorge Soler, they're doing a heck of a job in spin control: Soler worked out in Boca Chica today for Blue Jays management. So if this one really is on the level, we can add Toronto to a (lengthening?) short list for Soler that already includes Chicago, Miami and the Yankees. Chicago still has to be the favorite, though.

2/14/2012 by BallGirl

The Red Sox appear to be out of the running on Cuban phenom Jorge Soler, but the Cubs may have a new rival for the outfielder's services: the New York Yankees apparently made a very strong and very late push. We won't know whether either of these teams (or any other) have succeeded until Soler's legal employment situation is resolved, but the buzz is that an MLB team already has an informal handshake agreement in place.

2/13/2012 by KDaddy

Most of the fight for young Cuban phenom Jorge Soler seems to be heating up between the Cubs and Red Sox, as expected. One has to wonder if there's something a little personal in this particular GMs' competition. Sadly, we won't know who wins for awhile: unlike the MLB-ready Yoenis Cespedes, the (probably-more-talented) Soler is still a few years away.

1/12/2012 by DataBoy

A number of teams are showing increasing interest in Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler, especially those not in the Prince Fielder derby. The leading contenders so far? The retooling Red Sox and rebuilding Cubs.

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