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Prospect Info and Scouting Report

Nick Maronde / LHP, LAA
Born 9/5/1989
Lexington, KY, USA
School: University of Florida
Height 6-3
Weight 195
Bats/Throws B/L
193 | 9/1/2013


Total professional at-bats: .

A big, strong lefthander who has already mastered the don't-mess-with-me look so important to mound presence, the Angels' own Nick Maronde found college success after transforming into a closer at the University of Florida. After being drafted by the Angels, he rocketed through the minors and wound up as a surprise LOOGY specialist in Anaheim before the end of year. He's the best lefty prospect in the Angels system today. If he returns to starting duty, he could be very good in another year or so. If the team leaves him in the bullpen, on the other hand, he could be great.


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