The Book on Mitch NayTOR

Prospect Info and Scouting Report

Mitch Nay / 3B, TOR
Born 9/20/1993
Chandler, AZ, USA
School: Hamiltons HS (AZ)
Height 6-3
Weight 195
Bats/Throws R/R
692 | 3/4/2016

230 901 0 0 0

Total professional at-bats: .

A solid hitter with a strong arm, infield prospect Mitch Nay could also handle an outfield corner, given the chance. While he doesn't look like the typical power threat one expects from a corner, he's certainly more than capable of raking line drives all over the field, which might be enough. It would be nice if that .243/.303/.353 slash-line didn't look so much like a slap-hitting shortstop, though.


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